Vulcan-R Vulcan, beyond the lock!

Features & Benefits

The door  can easily be opened by pushing or pulling any part of the handle gently, which helps to have  a  convenient life

New Vulcan series use  the Hook-Bolt & circular lock tongue to have dual protection and more strong locking, and the motorized smart  locking gives you  easier and safer  life

The unique global Leading  design of mirror,  showing  more elegant, noble and fashionable

Card can be set to the door card, simply operation, proximity card , easy to contro

Motorized Smart Locking

Security, enjoy peace of mind

Product Specifications
PIN code 6-12 digits
Color Red Brown / Gold 
Front body dimension 74.6(W) X 424.6(H) X 41(D) mm
Back body dimension 74.6(W) X 424.6(H) X 41(D) mm

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