YDM3112T Smart Anti-theft locked to safe-guide your life!

Features & Benefits

Smart Display
The operation state can be displayed on the Intelligent screen , such as  low voltage

Smart Touchpad
Advanced technology of Yale digital lock, individual flash of the numbers on the keyboard

User-friendly angle
Special design of the touch screen surface to make a  comfortable environment

Fake PIN Code
Press  any other number before or after the correct  password  can also open the door, which helps to avoid leaking  the  information 

Use your proximity card as your door access card
Card can be set to the door card, simply operation, proximity card , easy to control

Break-in/Damage Alarm
Automatic alarm when forced intrusion or locks destroyed happens. It is safe and reliable

One-Touch Setup
Easy set up password , volume adjustment automatic/manual lock, etc

Product Specifications
PIN Code 6-12 digits 
Color Brown/Mirror Silver
Front body dimension  75.6(W) X 343.6(H) X 29(D) mm
Back body dimension 75.6(W) X 343.6(H) X 40.5(D) mm

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